Three Reasons for Air Conditioning at Work

Three Reasons for Air Conditioning at Work

Often in business investment is needed on those things that do not generate profit. Office environment is one of these intangible items that have major impact on your bottom line.  Air conditioning and comfort cooling for your staff is essential to maintain an atmosphere that is conducive to productivity. Here are our three main reasons why comfort cooling and air conditioning lead to a more profitable operation after the initial investment.

Improved Productivity

Overheated workplaces can affect productivity. Studies have shown that when an employee is uncomfortable in the workplace, they spend about an hour each day trying to relieve themselves of discomfort by visiting the restroom, leaving the building to buy cold drinks, finding cooler parts of the building to revive themselves, not to mention being distracted by discomfort when at their desks or work stations. The same applies in a cold or damp workplace.  This impact on productivity can be easily resolved by comfort cooling and an air conditioning system that maintains air quality.

Employee Health

Employee wellbeing is key for any business owner. Healthy, happy employees do not take sick days and will be more productive daily. Air conditioning allows filtered air to circulate that is refreshed and the use of filtration removes airborne pollutants, particles and viruses from the environment thus maintaining a healthier environment for work. Comfort cooling also helps in keeping employees alert and focussed.

Money Savings

It is often a false economy to avoid installing air conditioning as the initial investment can seem large. Compared to non-air-conditioned offices, the workplace efficiency is far greater in air-conditioned environments meaning more work is done which ultimately will make for an efficient well-run business with clear improvements to the bottom line. Most air conditioning systems these days are built with economy in mind and energy savings can be made by judicious use of timers, thermostats, and the type of efficiency rating of the comfort cooling units.

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