Three Key Signs of Imminent Air Conditioning Breakdown

Air Conditioning Breakdown RepairAir conditioning systems are a blessing to any household and while we may not suffer sultry tropical weather here in the UK, we have enough extremes in temperature that any air conditioning systems we use in our homes for heating and cooling will be working hard. Unfortunately, air conditioning systems do sometimes need attention so it is useful to know what to look out for before an air conditioning breakdown. Older air conditioning systems sometimes fail without any warning, but in most cases, you will know if you are heading towards an air conditioning breakdown. Many reasons and common problems cause air conditioning breakdown such as refrigerant leaks, controller failures, and frozen coils.

In this article, we look at three signs your air conditioning is about to breakdown and take a brief look at some of the causes.

1) Air Conditioning System Takes Longer to Cool Your Home

If your air conditioning is taking a long time to cool your home to the desired temperature then it is usually a sign you are heading for air conditioning breakdown. It may be you are low on refrigerant or have a refrigerant leak or it could also mean pipe work is rusting or completely corroded which often points to a new system or upgrade.

2) Air Conditioning System Blows Slightly Warm Air

The airflow that comes from the air conditioning vents should be a constant temperature. If you are cooling, that temperature should be cold air and if you are heating, the air should be hot. A lukewarm airflow is not normal and can indicate that a filter needs changing inside the system. The air filter can get clogged and should be changed regularly. If you are fortunate, this will solve this issue but if not you are heading for air conditioning breakdown unfortunately.

3) Replacing the Air Conditioning Filters Does Not Resolve Temperature Problems

There is definitely a significant problem with the air conditioning system, possibly the blower fan, or another component.

At this stage it is time to call us in so that we can do a proper air conditioning inspection and diagnosis as if the methods you have tried to fix the system have failed then it is definitely an air conditioning breakdown that needs to be resolved by a professional.

Here we look at one or two problems that can cause the classic air conditioning breakdown:

Leaking Refrigerant

If the air conditioner is low on refrigerant, it can be because it was undercharged to begin with or the air conditioner is leaking. In the case of the leak, it will need to be properly repaired and tested by a professional engineer.

Sensor Problems

There is a thermostat behind the air conditioner control panel. This device measures air temperature before air enters evaporative coil. If the thermostat is damaged, this may cause erratic functioning of the air conditioner that may not regulate the system and cycle constantly

Electric Control Failure

Another cause of total failure, oversized systems may burn out because they are constantly switching on and off to regulate temperature, which ends up wearing out compressors and fan control systems. Ensure only a professional engineer carries out the calculations and recommendations of proper system size for your premises.

It is possible to provide some prevention by having us come and routinely maintain your system to pre-empt any problems before they begin. In the meantime, the three tips we have provided will make you aware of an impending air conditioning breakdown.

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