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Air Conditioning Repair in London

Air Conditioning Repair in LondonAir conditioning repair in London can leave air conditioning owners overwhelmed when it comes to preparing for air conditioning repair. To protect investment, your air conditioning repair needs to be carried out by accredited air conditioning engineers who guarantee their work. In order to make sure you are comfortable choosing and dealing with your air conditioning repair specialists, we have put together some facts about air conditioning repair in London.

Basic Knowledge

Any air conditioning system owner should try to acquire some basic knowledge of how their system works and what type of repairs are commonplace. You can access many articles on our website to find out the basics. Once you are comfortable with some basic knowledge, it will be easier to deal with your chosen technicians.

A technician will have a standard diagnostic procedure, but any information you can supply to help will speed up the process and save time. Making a list of what seems to be an issue with your air conditioning system or things that have changed in the operation are helpful for your air conditioning repair in London technician.


Always use an air conditioning repair company based on personal recommendation, word of mouth, or testimonials that can be verified. All good air conditioning repair companies will be happy to supply testimonials that you can personally follow up on for your peace of mind. Always check the credentials of your chosen air conditioning repair in London company, ask about the accreditations and qualifications of their engineers and technicians, and ensure they belong to an accredited professional body.

What to Look Out For

Of course, preparing for an air conditioning repair is not just about the choice of technician. You will need to establish what is different about the system and try to identify any obvious areas where repairs may be required. We would recommend that in particular you look out for reduced performance, an increase in energy bills, water leaks, freezing up, smells and odours, dirty grilles and vents and inconsistent performance and inconsistent temperatures. If you experience any of these issues, you will be well placed to discuss them with your air conditioning repair company who will discuss the repair with you.

Maintenance Plans

Perhaps you omitted to take out a regular maintenance plan when you originally installed your system. It is easy to overlook some of the essential home maintenance tasks that owners need to do with their systems such as keeping air filters clean. However, a planned maintenance schedule will give absolute peace of mind that your air conditioning system is running at the most economical and efficient levels. Regular maintenance also pre-empts any repairs and can save a major breakdown from happening.

As a professional accredited air conditioning company, we can offer you a tailor made maintenance plan to suit your air conditioning system and your budget. You will find that a regular maintenance contract pays dividends, as it will increase the life of your air conditioning system avoiding breakdowns when you are not expecting them (usually in hot weather or extreme cold!). We have always found as one of the leading air conditioning repair in London companies that most breakdowns needing repairs are on systems where regular planned maintenance has not been carried out, things have deteriorated meaning more repairs, and more cost is involved.

There are health issues, which are addressed by regular maintenance, and a professional clean will eradicate 99.9% of fungi and bacteria. These microorganisms include E.coli, MRSA, and Legionella, so the importance of regular maintenance for health is something not to be overlooked. More efficient airflow and clean filters will trap more particles and allergens, which is useful for asthma sufferers and others who suffer from allergies.

Being prepared for air conditioning repairs in London before they happen by having a maintenance plan in place will guarantee you years of trouble free operation from your air conditioning system.

Our regular service visits will take care of cleanliness and our checks of every component will nip trouble in the bud before it begins.

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