Air Conditioning Units Installation In South London

Air Conditioning Installation in a French School – South London

“Alors, qui parle” This was the question we remember from school and usually it was one of us doing the talking in class. However, it did not detract from us becoming engineers and this project brought back memories of our esteemed French teacher who had an awful lot to put up with from us!

This project for the school gave us pause to revisit why air conditioning in schools can be important. Many of us can remember sweltering in school classrooms during the summer months and the teachers would be as hot and bothered as the pupils which often led to sleepy pupils and a distinct lack of learning as everyone was distracted by the heat.

The benefits of air conditioning in a school have been proven time and again. A classroom that is too hot or too cold reduces concentration, problem solving ability not to mention irritability of pupils which can lead to tensions. A comfortable classroom is so important for learning. A cooler temperature is important to maintain alertness but also for health as well. In an environment where viruses and all kinds of nasty bugs spread like wildfire, air conditioning can filter the air and reduce the incidence of illness and absence from school.

Studies have shown that overheated classrooms are responsible for a 12% increase in exam failure which is a frightening fact. It is no wonder that more schools are installing an air conditioning system to provide year-round comfort for pupils to aid in the learning process and improve exam outcomes and learning outcomes.

Perhaps if our school had air conditioning, we may have been a little more focussed on our efforts. Our French may not be that great, but our air conditioning installations are professional and always to the customer’s satisfaction. “Au Revoir” until next time.

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