Central Air Conditioning

Central Air ConditionerCentral air conditioning is the ultimate form of air conditioning as it can use a central cooling plant to control the temperature throughout an entire building. With a properly sized installation, central air conditioning can cool everything from a small holiday home with three rooms to huge buildings such as hospitals, office blocks, and airports.

A central air conditioning solution is the most expensive if you happen to be considering an installation in your home. However, also the solution gives the best results. It is versatile and gives the options of cooling the whole building or just parts of it.

 Ducts and central air conditioning

The main unit of a central air conditioning unit produces plenty of cool air through the standard methods of condensing and evaporation, but it is necessary to move this cool air away from the air conditioning unit to be directed to the room where it is required. Fans that are used for a single room air conditioning unit will not work for a central system so the cool air needs to be transported through a network of ducts.

Ducts are like a network of “pipes” that are connected to the air conditioner and extend all through the building to vent openings into different areas. It would be ideal to install the ducting for a central air conditioning system at initial build, but the ductwork can be added later. It usually involves some internal remodelling of walls and structures. A good duct system is critical to the function of a central air conditioner.

Features Of Central Air Conditioner Duct Systems

Warm air needs to be drawn in to the central unit and cool air expelled from it. Therefore, two duct systems are required – supply ducts which route the cool air where needed and return ducts which intake warm air for cooling. Your air conditioning engineer to create the optimum air movement and pressure flow uses complex calculations in planning. This is why it is so important to use a qualified, accredited air conditioning company.

The major advantage that a central air conditioner offers is that duct branches can be included so that fresh air from outside is used rather than recirculated air which has clear health advantages and keeps air fresher and cleaner rather than reusing the same stale air over and over again.

Central air conditioners offer the ultimate comfort. Although more complex and expensive, they offer a total solution giving you total control over the atmosphere and temperature control in you premises. A definite plus point when it comes to marketing a home these days, air conditioning is becoming more sought after by house buyers who even in the UK have realised the benefits of this type of system. Although the cooling properties of the central air conditioning system have been spoken about here, the same system can also provide heating so you have a year round comfort any time of the day or night.

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