Wi-Fi Air Conditioning

It was not that long ago when people marvelled at the gadgets that James Bond used in the famous Bond movies and they could not conceive of such far-fetched options being available in every day life. Technology is moving at such an incredibly fast pace and new options to make life easier are being revealed every day.

Today’s techno gadget lovers would find it laughable that only 30 or so years ago computers were restricted to vast air conditioned rooms because they were so delicate despite their equally vast size. The early big (usually blue) dull large rectangular boxes that were the computers of the day had only 16K of memory to process a computer program. Data was fed in via tape decks, punched cards, or from large disk drives. The card reader we know today originates from when large decks of punched cardboard cards held the instructions to run computer programs. When a phone now has the processing power to run a small financial corporation, you can see how quickly technology has evolved.

In the world of air conditioning, an innovation from Samsung has heralded in the dawn of Wi-Fi appliances introducing home automation control without wiring or hefty price tags.

This new technology for a range of Samsung Wi-Fi air conditioners is based on the facts that it simply does not make sense to go home to an over heated house in summer when you have an air conditioning system. There have always been air conditioning timers to set to come on at specific times, but they tend to be complicated and people forget to reset them when their circumstances change causing wasted energy.

Samsung’s new range of air conditioners allow you to control them through your smart phone or tablet with touch friendly, clever apps. This allows the user to control the A/C with a device with which they are already familiar. By downloading Samsung’s Smart Air Conditioner app, consumers can turn the air conditioner on or off, select the mode, set the temperature, and even set a time clock from wherever they are—as long as they have access to 3G or Wi-Fi. The App is available on Android and iOS.

The new Samsung air conditioning range features various intuitive modes designed for comfort, including the D’Light Cool Mode and Good Sleep Mode II. The D’Light Cool Mode function assesses the temperature and humidity of a room and, if required, will modify them, while the Good Sleep Mode gradually lowers the temperature as you fall asleep and alters it again as you wake up.

The Wi-Fi control is a feature that many people will find useful. For consumers in the UK, this is a feature to look forward to especially for those who have A/C systems that provide heating in winter as well. As we all know, the UK can give you four seasons in one day and often we switch the heating on manually when the temperature drops outside of the heating season. To be able to switch on the heating before you leave work or return home from shopping means you will return home to a warm, cosy welcome!


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