Cool and Heat Unit Installation in Battersea

Unit Installation in Battersea – Magical day yesterday installing a unit to a cool and heat a Fairy themed party venue in Battersea.

The Fairy’s even made the air conditioning units disappear! 

Cool and Heat Unit Installation in Battersea

We often think we are magicians in the course of our work, so imagine our delight when we were invited to work our magic in Battersea on a delightful fairy themed party venue. We could not fail to be impressed by this charming house that accommodates children’s parties and it must be said we felt completely at home amongst the unicorns and fairy cupcakes. Alas, our job was to provide some wizardry to keep all the little fairies warm and cosy and cool and relaxed and not to eat cake and try on the fairy flower crowns!

We worked our magic with a heating and cooling unit that was discreet and quiet and could be disguised a little by the décor. With lots of little ones visiting it was important that the right ambient temperature and air quality would provide optimum levels for everyone’s comfort. As a year-round venue, heating was as important as cooling as there is a lot of dress up involved and fairy frocks are not exactly the warmest of garments in winter. Good air quality is also important for health reasons. With lots of children mingling, good air quality and filtered air can help against those sniffles and bugs that even fairies can catch.

We were delighted with the finished result and felt the installation was unobtrusive and the perfect way to regulate heating and cooling efficiently all year round. The interior design fairies were able to wave their wands and completely transform the air conditioning unit components into part of the décor as can be seen from the photos we took. Tempting as it was to linger in this special place, it was time for us to magically disappear and leave the residents of this special place to enjoy their new heating and cooling.

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