Refrigerant R22 replacement

R22 replacement | Simply ACUnder new legislation R22 refrigerants are to be removed and replaced.

The reason for the refrigerant R22 replacement is because the refrigerant has a negative impact on our ozone layer and as a result most companies are responding to the legislation change by complying with the regulations earlier than the set deadline of 2015.

This is great news for new products, but what about existing products currently out there? Well, you should get any unit that uses R22 refrigerants replaced as soon as possible.

Examples of refrigerants being used in place of R22 in new units are R404A and ammonia. These refrigerants have no impact on the ozone layer and are also more energy efficient, so it’s win win all round!

How easy is it to get my refrigerant R22 replacement?

For you, the consumer, it’s as simple as picking up the phone and contacting a specialist such as a Simply Air Conditioning engineer. For us, it’s a specialised skill, but one we are qualified and experienced in carrying out.

A safe and careful removal of the chemicals within R22 and replacement with new ones is of vital importance. Ammonia, Propane and Iso-butane, the replacement refrigerants, have their own risks and hazards associated with them so it really is vital that a specialised technician deals with them.

The R22 refrigerant phase out plan

In January 2010 the fluorinated refrigerants used in over 50% of UK air conditioning units was completely banned. This is not to say it isn’t still present in many UK air conditioning units. If you’re not sure whether you have a unit containing R22 call us now and we’ll survey your site for free and find out whether you need an R22 replacement.


The complete removal of R22 has to be complete by 2015. What this means is that the closer to 2015 you leave your replacement, the more expensive the job will become as it becomes a more and more specialised job. So act now to minimise the cost of your replacement as well as the impact on the environment. The liable party for any remaining R22 refrigerant at this point will be the end user. In other words, you.

Anyone not complying with the refrigerant R22 replacement risk the following:
– Business interuption
– Environmental litigation
– Health and safety litigation
– Losing insurance cover
– Loss of critical units

So many businesses are unaware of the new R22 Refrigerant laws, even many within the refrigeration and air conditioning trade. Simply Air Conditioning can help you become compliant with the refrigeration R22 replacement legislation.

Our advice is completely free of charge, as is our site assessment to find out whether you are affected by the changes. Our advice will continue above and beyond on anything you need to know in terms of F Gas laws and R22 refrigerant concerns.

R22 Government Tax Allowances

Capital purchases of new energy saving equipment will come with tax incentives as the government are offering allowances in tax to upgrade your equipment and aid the R22 phase out. Enhanced Capital Allowance (ECA) allows businesses complying with the R22 phase out to claim 100% tax allowance on their capital purchase of new equipment.

Save money NOW!

Not only can you save on tax but by installing a more modern and energy efficient air conditioning system you can drive your running costs down and reduce your payback times. The latest air conditioning equipment has actually been shown to cover its own cost in as little as three years as well as have a markedly reduced impact on the environment.

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    Jack Fuller November 7, 2011 at 10:37 am #

    A good article about refrigerant R22 and the steps the government is taking to phase it out.

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