Mitsubishi Heavy Industries

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Split System | Air Conditioning LondonMitsubishi Heavy Industries are one of the biggest among the over two hundred independent companies under the Mitsubishi umbrella. The company has more than 32,000 employees and boasts annual sales of more than £10billion. Mitsubishi Heavy Industries offer products varying from aerospace to air conditioning systems, and from ship building to power systems. The company produces over 700 different products for different civil and industrial markets all over the world.

Being an engineering company, the company has a long history in the manufacturing and designing of various refrigeration systems to as far back as 1920. Air conditioning is one of the eight main divisions that form Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Europe Ltd. The company’s head office is located in London. In the UK, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries air conditioning systems are available from Simply Air Conditioning London.

The company has some policies and standards that places them amongst the top of their competitors in the industry. There are the ISO 9001 standards which imply that the company’s refrigeration and air conditioning systems factory and head quarters are approved by ISO 9001. In addition to this, the refrigeration and air conditioning systems factory and headquarters has also been evaluated and discovered to be in compliant with the standard requirement of ISO 14001 environmental policy.

All of the products of the company are developed and produced in conformity with the MHI policy on environment. The company enjoys partnership with some of the proactive and experienced dealers and distributors in the market. This partnership has resulted in the provision of total support programme for contractors, and specialist installers such as Simply Air Conditioning London.

Some of the great products that the company offers includes heat pumps, which is possibly the most cost effective and most carbon efficient of all the renewable equipment. There is also the split system which is a simple, effective and efficient outdoor compressor unit that is connected to one or up to four indoor units. This product is probably the broadest choice of unit sizes and kinds in the whole industry, which is unsurprising given that Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Ltd offer some of the best air conditioning products in the industry.


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