How To Save Energy

One thing that concerns many users of air conditioning is the running costs, so how to save energy? While air conditioning does use energy, it need not be as costly as you might think. Air conditioning systems these days are economical and built with energy saving functionality to ensure the most efficient operation. It is also important that air conditioning systems are properly maintained by those that use them and of course all systems should be under a regular maintenance schedule by an accredited, professional air conditioning engineer.

Inevitably there are going to be times when energy consumption is high as the air conditioning system works harder during extremes of high temperatures or soup-like humidity. There are steps however that can be taken to ensure that you make the most of your air conditioning and save energy as well. We have come up with this simple list of steps you can take to minimise your energy usage.

Switch off Air Conditioning

This may seem counter intuitive but when you are away from home or your office building, do not leave the air conditioning running if you are going to be away for any length of time. It may be hot when you return, but it really takes very little time for the air temperature to cool and you avoid a huge chunk of unnecessary energy expenditure and cost helping the environment and your pocket. At night it should be possible to reduce the use of the air conditioner or switch it off altogether depending on outside weather.

Close Off Vents

Calculate which rooms in the house do not need to be cooled. BY closing off the vents in those rooms, you avoid unnecessary energy use. There is little point paying for air cooling that is not required. There are always cooler rooms in any building, perhaps they are not exposed to the sun, are north facing or are in a basement area. Rooms of this kind, especially if little used can often do without air cooling.

Use a Thermostat

A programmable thermostat that has a timer for the air conditioning units is your friend when it comes to optimising your energy use. Conserving energy with this method means you can programme the number of hours of usage and the temperature for maximum effect. You can also set your temperature so that the air conditioning will not operate unless the temperature is reached.

Choose the Right System

The right size of air conditioning system is key to managing your electricity usage. If your system is too small for the space, it will have to work overtime and waste energy trying to cope with cooling. Conversely, a system that is too big will also waste energy as it will be using more than is needed for the purpose.

Clean the Filter

Keeping an air conditioning filter clean is a simple DIY task in most cases. A dirty filter compromises the efficient working of the air conditioning unit and subsequently uses more energy. A regular check of the filter will pay dividends in saved energy.

Air Conditioning System Maintenance

Probably the most important way to save energy and cost is to have your system regularly maintained by professional engineers. Regular servicing will flag up any parts that may be failing and any part of the system that needs maintaining. 5. 6.

Check Furnishings

The position of furniture in a space can have an impact on the air conditioning; Pieces of furniture that block vents mean the system is not able to direct the air where it is meant to go. A quick check of furniture layout can also have an effect on running costs.

Keep the Building Cool Economically

An ambient temperature of 25 C is an optimum temperature for efficient air conditioning a little bit like driving a car at a fuel efficient 54 mph. Reducing the temperature can use up to 40% extra electricity.

Too much lighting especially in work environments can contribute to additional heat in a room. Switching off some lights will help. The same applies to windows. Keeping the curtains closed or using blinds will aid in keeping the space cool. Window awnings or shutters on the external part of a building will also help.

Applying just a few of these tips will save in the long run and ensure longevity and economical running of your air conditioning system.

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