Heat Pumps

We are often asked about various component parts of an air conditioning system and do our best to explain to our customers why each part is so important to the system. Heat pumps are one important component of any air conditioning system but also have an added extra enabling cooling and heating, making them a versatile and welcome piece of electronics.

A heat pump is an air conditioner that contains a valve that lets you decide whether you want heat or cool air to circulate throughout your home. The heat pump valve can be adjusted based on your specific needs – providing you with a cool breeze or reversing its flow of Freon, located in the air conditioning refrigerant, and delivering warm air to the room.

Heat pumps are a cost-effective way to provide the very best in central air conditioning. Depending on climate and heating and air conditioning needs, the choice of heat pumps will vary in price. Less noisy components are usually more costly but deliver a quiet unobtrusive operation. A well-maintained heat pump system can last for years and allowing us to regularly maintain your air conditioning system and parts will mean efficient running too. Cleaning the air conditioning air filter at least once a month properly (some air conditioning systems now even have disposable air conditioning filters), having an annual air conditioning inspection with our air conditioning engineers and paying attention to the heat pump thermostat are all ways to make your heat pump air conditioner last.

If you are shopping around for a new heat pump thermostat, look for one that has a variety of features to deliver an overall performance that will give you the best in temperature control. There are two main types of heat pump thermostats and the options are based on preference. There are electro-mechanical and electronic heat pump thermostats, used for residential purposes. The electronic heat pump thermostats can provide any temperature and are entirely programmable, where you can set it to 60 degrees at night and then have it programmed to be at a comfortable 70 degrees when you wake up in the morning. Electro-mechanical thermostats contain a bi-metal coil or strip made of two different types of metals, which expand and contract at different rates. When this takes place, the coil or strip moves and connects to a device that will provide the electrical circuit. They are set at standard temperatures and you adjust them with a little switch to the appropriate temperature.

The heat pump clearly plays an important role to the air conditioning system whether this application is residential or commercial. Understanding this component is important for maintenance of your heating or cooling system. At Simply Air Conditioning London we are experienced in many different kinds of heat pumps and will be able to advise you on the one that is right for your application and provide a follow up maintenance plan to keep things efficient and delivering optimum performance for you.

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