Fujitsu Wall Mounted Unit Installation – Nottinghill

AC Unit Installation – Nottinghill

This installation of a A+ Fujitsu wall mounted unit was completed today in #nottinghill . We started the installation 10 months ago during major renovation work. Just in time for the summer!

AC Unit Installation – Nottinghill.

This installation of an A+ rated Fujitsu wall mounted unit was finally completed 10 months after we began the initial survey and planning as our part in a major renovation project in Notting Hill. The timing could not have been better with summer around the corner.

Wall mounted air conditioning units are popular for particularly good reasons and we have given some details why we like this type of installation for a property of this type.

First and foremost, wall mounted air conditioning systems are one of the most affordable ways to have air conditioning in a space as well as being discreet and aesthetically pleasing. Most clients who are looking for cost effective solutions are impressed by the value these units offer.  There are further savings to be made in running costs as these types of units are very energy efficient and are rated using a system of energy ratings with A + one of the highest ratings for energy efficiency. This means running costs are kept economical which is useful in a room that is in constant use. Only a central system air conditioning installation will be more economical, but this involves significant overhead for installation and for most requirements, wall mounted units are the most economical option.

When it comes to good looks and sleek styling, wall mounted air conditioning units are top of the list. They blend in discretely but can also look very stylish in a high-tech environment where they can be a feature rather than just an appliance. The units can be placed on most walls and are self-contained.  The impact is minimal on the d├ęcor of a room unless you want to make a feature of it. 

There are many options available with the wall mounted systems in size, capacity, and efficiency. It is also possible to have a split system whereby the unit can be used not only for cooling but for heating as well bringing versatility in just one unit. Different features to suit are available from remote controlled operation, to timers so you are in total control to maximise cost savings

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