What is the Best Heater for a Conservatory?

The internet as we know is a marvellous source of information and there is much to learn from the vast mass of knowledge. Unfortunately, a lot of information can be misleading and we fear many people have been led to the wrong solution for a problem for which they are trying to obtain an answer. Our company of professional heating engineers have a mission to provide first-class accurate information based on years of experience and training. However, many people answering queries on the internet are giving out misleading and sometimes dangerous information.

Take this example we found on Yahoo Answers:

As can be seen a straightforward question was posed by someone wanting to heat a conservatory cheaply and safely as the space was to be used as a children’s playroom and heating was only needed for part of the day. The requirement was that the appliance be energy saving, but they were not sure what would suit them having limited knowledge of heating methods.

We were surprised by the answer that was chosen as the best by voters:

“Best Answer- Chosen by Voters
get your self a halogen heater there cheep and very good”

It is true that halogen heaters are popular and can be simply plugged into a socket. They provide heat and are best suited to supplementing a full heating system. They come in different sizes and vary in style. Rather than electric coils to provide heat, halogen elements are used. They do have a safety cut out mechanism if they are toppled over, but for a conservatory made of glass, a halogen heater would not be powerful enough to provide a constant temperature.

They are ideally suited for a bedroom to take the chill off or as a heat source to keep toes warm under a desk or such like. There is usually a heat setting control and they are readily available from most retail outlets.

Why is a Halogen Heater Not Suited to The Use of This Conservatory?

Safety – Young children will be playing in the conservatory and could easily burn themselves or knock over the heater.

Performance – Because a conservatory is made of glass, the air becomes very cold and requires a decent output of warmth from the chosen heating appliance. Halogen heaters are not sufficient to warm the entire space, as they are more suited to “spot” heating. Heat is lost very quickly from a conservatory so using an appliance that can maintain a constant temperature will be more economic to run and save on energy. Very often cheaper halogen heaters have a short life and break down.

Appearance – Halogen heaters can look obtrusive and if you are after a streamlined integrated appliance, then a stand-alone heater is not the choice for you.

What Kind of Heating Appliance Would Suit This Conservatory?

The ideal choice for a conservatory is a small air conditioning unit. These units are discrete and can fit in the conservatory snugly at floor level, ceiling level or mounted on a wall. Using external air as the fuel source, this quiet appliance will quickly bring the temperature of the conservatory up to the required comfort level and maintain the level of comfort economically and safely.

The heat is instant and the unit can be controlled easily giving out four times as much energy for every unit of electricity you use. There is also the safety factor. An air conditioning unit is fixed in place and its construction mean there are no elements that can be reached by little fingers and no eat source that can burn or injure a child. All you get is all round warmth at the temperature you desire.

Benefits of a Conservatory Air Conditioning Unit

Safety – Children are safe with this form of heating as they cannot touch anything or injure themselves.

Performance – Gain up to four times as much energy from each unit of electricity. Modern air conditioning units are almost 100% energy efficient and yield great savings on the electricity bill. They are easily controlled and not dependent on any other system in the house.

Cooling – Just as it is lovely for children to be able to play in a warm conservatory, it is also a place of refuge during extremely hot summer days, as the children can stay cool when they are not bouncing around in a paddling pool as the small conservatory air conditioning units also cool the conservatory in the hot weather.

The dual purpose nature of a conservatory air conditioning unit combined with safety, long manufacturers warranty and guaranteed installation work means you will have peace of mind for many years to come and be able to take full advantage of your conservatory without worrying the children may trip over a floor standing heater or burn themselves.

When you are considering a conservatory heater, look to the internet but make sure you seek advice from the website of a professional air conditioning engineer.


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