Air Conditioning and Covid 19

Air Conditioning and Covid 19

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed daily life and as people are beginning to venture out again, some are concerned about the spread of the virus by means of air conditioning especially as the summer is upon us.  Here we answer the essential questions relating to air conditioning.

MYTH 1:  COVID 19 is airborne and circulating through air conditioning systems. 

FACT: COVID-19 is spread person to person via respiratory droplets. Any sneeze or cough has the potential to be inhaled by another person if inside the two-metre boundary from the infected person. The virus can live on surfaces for variable amounts of time and can be transmitted this way. 

Therefore, use of social distancing, hand hygiene, and sneeze and cough etiquette is essential. Face masks also protect and are important in public places. 

MYTH 2: Air Conditioning is spreading the virus in workplaces and public buildings

FACT: The risk of air conditioning spreading COVID-19 in the workplace or public buildings is extremely low and deemed highly unlikely by experts. There should be an adequate supply of fresh air and ventilation. Attention to using fresh air rather than recirculated is important. Your air conditioning London engineers can give advice on continuing use of air conditioning.

Air conditioning systems may be used as normal though it is recommended to swap your central air conditioning systems to fresh air instead of recirculated air.  Maintenance and servicing are important and for added safeguarding the filters should be continually changed. 

MYTH 3: Colder temperatures will kill the virus

FACT: Air conditioners set at extremely low temperature settings will not kill any virus but only serve to make anyone in that environment fluctuate in their body temperature which could affect their immune system. 

Our advice is to maintain temperature between 24 to 30 degrees so that it is pleasantly cool but does not cause people to feel chilled. 

Our Air Conditioning London engineers are trained in all COVID 19 protocols to come and adjust, maintain and service your ventilation systems for peace of mind in these difficult times.

Simply Air Conditioning London offer a 24 Hour Call Out. Call at any hour on 020 7870 2333. Or get in touch using the contact form!  

Air Conditioning and Covid 19

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