Ac Units Decommision In Kensington, London

We come across some unexpected things from time to time when going about our business installing and decommissioning air conditioning systems and on a decommissioning job in Kensington we came across a terrifying looking spider who had clearly decided to make the old air conditioning unit his home. He certainly is not the usual resident you come across in Kensington.

Ac Units Decommision In Kensington, London

The spider may have travelled from the beautiful Kensington Gardens or indeed from any of the surrounding places in this densely populated area. Kensington has at its heart the High Street which is famous for its shopping and also the Royal Albert Hall famous for playing host to The Proms and other spectacular events.

In one way, we were lucky to find only a spider during the decommissioning in contrast to some of our overseas colleagues who regularly come across everything from snakes to skunks hiding away in the unit!

Decommissioning is something we take very seriously and it can be complex as we have to work in accordance with the correct practices and procedures for decommissioning air conditioning and heat pump devices. We need to work in accordance with current industry standards and regulations using recognised working practices. One of the most important things is to avoid any leaks of refrigerant gases so we work with care. Record keeping and compliance with waste management practices legislation is vital so it is a very big checklist we adhere to because our priority is to ensure everything is managed properly.

While there is no legislation on record on how to deal with spiders in the decommissioning process, we think our six legged friend while upset at losing his cosy nook has probably taken up residence in a neighbouring unit!

Ac Units Decommision In Kensington, London

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