5 Types of Conservatory Heating

Conservatory heating in LondonConservatories have become the norm in the UK and many consider them an addition that is essential. It is no surprise as conservatories throughout history have provided a wonderful space to grow and exhibit beautiful, exotic plants and to dwell enjoying the feel of being outdoors when the weather is cold. In the evening or daytime, the conservatory is a favourite room for many, especially as they are adaptable to use for leisure, dining, play and games. The extra day light afforded by a conservatory is a bonus for many people especially in the dark days of winter.

To enjoy a conservatory fully, some form of heating will be essential for chilly evenings and the winter season. Types of conservatory heating are variable UK wide so it is a question of finding the right solution for your own personal space. Because conservatories are glass structures, the potential for heat escape is massive. In fact a double glazed conservatory will lose heat eight times more quickly than through a cavity wall so it is important that cost effective heating is installed at the build or added later.

There are plus and minus points for different methods of heating a conservatory and here we will look at five kinds of conservatory heating UK wide. There are electric heaters for conservatories, oil heaters, underfloor, and air conditioning or heat pump technology which are the ultimate heaters for conservatory use.

Fan Heaters for Conservatories

This method of heating is convenient as portable units are readily available and just need to be plugged in to an electrical socket. Electrical heaters for conservatories like this will not be expensive to buy as they simply pass air over an electrical element to heat the air. They can be quite noisy which disturbs the peace of the conservatory and are also expensive to operate so are only recommended for occasional use when instant heat is required.

Oil Heaters

Another portable kind of heaters for conservatory is the oil filled radiator. These units are larger than fan devices but can usually be integrated discreetly in the conservatory. The distinct advantage is the quietness of operation and it is also a safer option as it is unlikely to be knocked over, plus the surface area is overall a lower operating temperature. Although a safer option, these units are still expensive to run.

Central Heating

Central heating seems a logical way for heating the conservatory and in a brand new build may already be incorporated. If there is the option for thermostatic control and the option to switch the radiator off then it can be a good way to use the heat. The difficulty arises when you only want to heat the conservatory and not the other rooms in the house. Also, the radiator temperature will need to be higher in the conservatory. Normally a backup heat source would be needed so it is not so convenient when this is taken into account, although it can be economical if the whole heating system is in use anyway.

Under-floor Heating

This heating for conservatories is desirable as there is nothing to see in terms of devices and the heated floor means that the usual tiled conservatory floors are warm to walk on. While it is quite a cost efficient method, the installation costs can be high which is not so good for those on a budget

Air Conditioning

This method allows you to heat and cool your conservatory providing the best of all worlds. In summer, you can sit in the cool and come the winter months, the process is reversed. Most units can be remote controlled so you can adjust to suit personal comfort at the touch of a button. The humidity levels in the room; especially if you have plants can be adjusted to the correct ambience. There are many types of air conditioning units that offer style, quality and performance at affordable prices that come backed by a guarantee and back up service.

As can be seen there are many ways you can install heaters for conservatories and the general rule is that the higher cost of installation outweighs the eventual running costs. It is important therefore to consider your conservatory usage and how much of your budget can be spent on running costs and installation. Generally speaking, an hour of heat from a 2KW electrical appliance will cost 24p going down to 9p with more sophisticated options.

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