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Live Music Venue AC Installation in Islington

This live music venue in Islington can hold about 500 people on a weekend evening so the industrial bespoke cooling system works hard and needs regular TLC! This week we carried out the regular service on the units in the ground floor bar/restaurant area and upstairs in the live music area. The works included cleaning […]

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AC West London services

The usage of the air conditioner has become a very common phenomenon the world over. Millions of air conditioners are running all over the world. The service of the air conditioning system is very important and compulsory. Simply AC West London can provide the customer a perfect and excellent service. Even if you are in […]

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Air Conditioning London Systems

Nowadays, there are a lot of things to grumble about, however, the summer season is no longer one of these. Air conditioners have improved the ‘too hot’ scenario as well as our global dilemma. Global warming is day by day an increasing factor. Heat is intensifying, the summers are extending and the environment is heating […]

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