Indoor Unit Installation in Twickenham

Unit Installation in Twickenham

Twickenham; the home of English Rugby. We do get around in our day to day work and it is always interesting as there are landmarks, buildings and history to discover and it makes for great chat during travelling and rest breaks. Rather than be in Twickenham to cheer on the rugby, we were returning to a premises in Twickenham to complete the installation of a Fujitsu indoor air conditioning unit. We had of course done our usual planning and surveys ahead of time with the client and thought we would mention some of the decision processes we go through at the start of a new project.

An indoor air conditioning wall unit is ideal if one area in the home gets particularly hot and offers much quieter running that the portable standalone units. The size needs to be calculated accurately to ensure we maximise the area that is cooled or heated with minimum energy use.

If the client is concerned about the energy use of an air conditioner will use, we recommend a unit with a good energy efficiency ratio (EER). Generally, the higher the EER, the more efficient the air conditioner. This is the ratio between an air conditioner’s BTU and it’s the power input (in watts).

There are also any additional features the client may opt for and these options include a sleep or night mode where the compressor and fan run more slowly thus reducing noise. It must be said that most modern units run very quietly anyway but it’s a useful option to have.

There is also a dehumidifier mode for extra control and enables the air conditioner to be useful all through the year, not just in the warmer months. A built-in dehumidifier means a separate one does not need to be used and will help balancing out the over dry atmosphere some homes have in wintertime.

Timer options are useful to control when the unit is on and there are also remote controls for operation.

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